AE 103

The Great Space Debate – Discussion and Vote

What Should Be the Strategic Goal for Astronautics over the Next 25 Years?

Debate at the BIS, 1 May 2014

Yours truly speaking at the BIS on 1 May 2014

Yours truly speaking at the BIS on 1 May 2014

Professor Ian Crawford opened the evening with a scientist’s take on the question. But his view extended well beyond science alone to include economic, geopolitical and cultural aspects of “leaving the cradle” to create a spacefaring civilisation.

Jerry Stone is leader of the current BIS study project to update Gerard O’Neill’s space colony designs from the 1970s, as described in his classic book, The High Frontier. He proposed that the situation would be resolved by prioritising the overarching goal of the settlement of the inner Solar System with a permanent human presence in space.

The voting options, together with a video of the evening, should be available soon on the BIS website, accessible to BIS members after logging in. The video by itself has now been posted on YouTube by DeltaVee media – thanks to Alan Marlow.

Read the full post on the Astronautical Evolution website.


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